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Psychiatrist how to prevent anxiety-depressive disorder

The Psychiatrist: How to Prevent Anxiety Disorder

Experts say that if in the XX century the main «disease of the century» was considered ischemic disease, then in the 21st century, anxiety-depressive disorders will most likely come to the fore. The main reasons for this condition – constant stress, a feeling of weakness and helplessness in the face of changing life circumstances. One of the pressing problems of modern society is the increase in the number of people with emotional-affective disorders, syndromes of depression, anxiety, computer and gambling addiction. It is known that various forms of physical and mental addiction: to drugs, alcohol, smoking, computer games, etc. significantly change the personality of a person, they affect social relations, destroying them.

What does anxiety-depressive disorder mean and what causes it can cause?

Anxiety-depressive disorder – it is a pathology that borders on neurosis and depression and is expressed by the symptoms of these disorders.

Unfortunately, with states of anxiety or depression, doctors are rarely consulted. Meanwhile, if preventive measures are not taken in time and treatment is not carried out, the disease, as a rule, progresses and further leads to panic attacks, severe depression and even mental disability..

The main features of the manifestation of these disorders are:

  • current stress, which is often filled with everyday life, for example, problems at work, family discord, and others;
  • a high degree of emotionality and an unstable psyche;
  • negative thinking and worldview, evaluative perceptions of events: right-wrong, just-unfair, good-bad;
  • childhood mental trauma.

Both men and women are susceptible to this disease. Moreover, anxiety-depressive disorders can occur in people of completely different ages and social status, because problems, for example, a quarrel in the family, dissatisfaction with the existing situation and the feeling that nothing can be changed can manifest itself in any person. Experts attribute such states to neuroses, but with the proviso that self-awareness is not disturbed in this case. That is why many patients with the manifestation of this disease do not consider themselves sick, but simply explain their condition with fatigue and problems..

Important. Anxiety-depressive disorder – it is a disease that a doctor should treat.

The main symptoms are:

  • feeling of unexplained anxiety and restlessness;
  • irrational fear and irritability on every occasion;
  • bad, depressed mood, blues, decreased emotional background;
  • fatigue, feeling tired, trouble concentrating;
  • quick changes in the emotional state from strong anger to complete apathy;
  • insomnia.

Physically, such conditions can be accompanied by sweating, chills, rapid heartbeat and breathing, dizziness, often nausea, impaired appetite.

The diagnosis of anxiety-depressive disorder is based on many factors, such as the clinical picture of the disease, anamnesis, and the results of a pathopsychological study. Of course, like any other disease, anxiety disorder is best prevented. Psychotherapists advise to compensate for the feeling of anxiety with physical activity: playing sports, working in the country, in the garden and vegetable garden. It is important to learn how to switch attention to something positive and interesting: talking with a loved one, singing, listening to your favorite pieces of music, watching a good good comedy, taking a cool shower, traveling, shopping. There are many options. The main thing – recognize the presence of anxiety in time and take preventive measures in a timely manner.

In cases where such prevention does not help and the condition clearly worsens, then contacting a specialist – this is the only correct decision. Patients in our clinic are received by doctors with extensive clinical experience in the treatment of just such disorders. The methods recommended by WHO, work with human thinking, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy are applied. At the same time, it is possible to combine these techniques with pharmacotherapy..